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Q. How do I list my property?
A. It’s Simple! Passport International makes it easy for anyone (even a computer novice) to list their property. Create your new listing online (with our user friendly interface), add the pertinent information for your property, upload your photos, and you’re done.

Q. Can I show potential renters when my property is available?
A. Yes! Our colorful and informative availability calendar is an important feature of your property listing page. You can post your availability dates, and update this information online as your property is booked.

Q. How many photos of my property can I display on my listing?
A. Passport International does not restrict your use of photos in any way. Your primary page can display up to 7 photos (1 large and 6 thumbnails) and by using the Photo gallery feature you can display up to 18 additional images

Q. Can a renter book my property through your site?
A. Not at this time – for now, renters will contact you directly and securely to book your property

Q. How long does it take to get my property listed online?
A. You’ll be up almost immediately. Just sign up , create your listing and preview it with no obligation, then make a payment and your listing will be published to the live site within hours.

Q. Will I be able to update my listing myself?
A. Yes! You’ll have complete control over your listing information. You can update as often as you like. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q. Does my Property Page have its own web address that I can use elsewhere?
A. Yes! Each Passport International rental property is assigned (at no extra charge!) a permanent, easy to remember and unique web address. This address will not change and you can use it to link to other sites or in other advertising media (brochures, newspaper classifieds, etc.,). You will find this URL on your myProperties page directly under the Property #.

Q. Are there any featured marketing sections on the PI site that I can use to promote my property?
A. Yes – from Season’s Specials to Last Minute Deals, we have several specialized and searchable feature areas to help you maximize occupancy of your rental property(s).

Q. Can my property be #1 when a potential renter searches my area or property description?
A. Yes Indeed! All properties that match a renter’s search criteria are randomly rotated so that each property has an equal chance to be #1!

Q. How much targeted advertising does Passport International do?
A. Extensive online banner ads, advertising in major newspapers, international travel magazines and industry press releases will make sure vacation seekers know about PassportInternational.com (and your property!).

Q. How much does it cost to advertise on Passport International.com?
A. Less than you’d probably expect! Passport International’s yearly rate will be a competitive $299 US but, as an introductory offer, you can list your property for only $149.00 US for your first year (a 50% discount).

Q. I’m on several other similar sites already, why should I advertise with you?
A. No one site can possibly reach all the potential customers available on the Internet. A wise advertiser makes use of multiple avenues to maximize their exposure. It makes good sense to list on more than one travel site as each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. We are confident that Passport International’s unique blend of powerful branding and community will prove its value to you.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Just click here.

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